Stained Glass Windows
How to make a stained glass window ~ There are 3 methods used to create a window. The first involves using a lead came. These are refered to as leaded glass windows. The second method is by using copper foil, and is refered to as a  copper foil window.  Thirdly, with thick slabs of glass, these are refered to as faceted glass windows
Beautiful windows ~ Here is our choice of some of the most beautiful stained glass windows ever created.
The "Tree Of Life" by Louis Comfort Tiffany, the Windows in The Lincoln Cathedral in England, The Rose Window in Notre Dame in France, The Good Shepherd Window in Port Sunlight UK,  Tiffany Wisteria Window, The stained glass window at Canterbury Cathedral.
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Origination of stained glass windows ~ Stained glass windows originally became popular in churches. The design was created in a way to tell a story, usually about the life Christ. Although they are mostly found in churches, many are also located in homes and places of business.